Are you an LPC Intern in the Dallas Area in need of a Supervisor?  I am an LPC Supervisor in private practice and am currently interviewing new interns. 

I am looking for LPC Interns who have the following qualities:

- A strong ethical foundation based upon serving others in a compassionate and empathetic way.

- A curious and teachable spirit: an interest in exploring clinical situations from various perspectives, theories and techniques.

- An openness to feedback related to growing as a competent counselor

- Dedication to the counseling profession and a willingness to explore one's own experiences so as to benefit their clients. 

LPC Supervision


The cost of a 1-hour supervision session is $150.00 for an individual, and $90.00 per person for small group supervision (two to three interns).  Each type of supervision provides a unique experience in the development of skills such as case consultation, providing relevant feedback to colleagues, and discussing the implementation of theory in practice. 

If you would like more information or if you would like to meet to further discuss supervision, feel free to call me:  214-699-7762 or email at





Christy Neher, LPC-S Counseling & EMDR


10233 E. Northwest Highway, #428

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Phone: 214 699 7762